10 reasons to visit the Andaman Islands

In every place you visit in the world, it has its features that will always run in your mind whenever that particular location is mentioned. The remembrance of that serenity might good or horrific depending on what happen or what you saw there. People like to visit places which are unique and have got sole inhabitants like the animals and other creatures. Moreover, most of us like what nature provides crisp and fresh environment are mostly found on islands.A trip to andaman islands can be easily planned by booking a andaman tour package online  There are so many good islands in the world, but Andaman Island is the best because of the following.
1. Freedom fighter jail (Kala Pani)
Cellular jail or freedom fighters jail is the main tourist attraction here. This place was infused with the heart of devotion of the early freedom fighters. It is believed that the prison house many freedom fighters. The custody has got seven partitions and a control tower in the middle. Here the guards were to use in watching the movement of the inmates. Furthermore what you must not forget when you visit Andaman island is the decoration of the compound of the jail. Everything that was build dictated what ought to be done by the inmates.
2. Radhanagar Beach
Another unique feature which is a reason to visit Andaman Island is the Radhanagar beach at havelcok island. This beach is different from any other in India. The beach is full of soft sand. If you are a fun of sand football, you will not miss in this beach plus many other games on the beach side. It is a beach, yes, but also your privacy is taken care. At Radhanagar there are rooms that you can use to change your attires. Those who need meditation the beach is suitable because of its fresh air from the Indian Ocean, and it’s surrounded by spectacular mangroves.
3. The elephant beach
Also, the elephant beach in havelock island is a reason as to why you need to spend some time and visit Andaman Island. The beach is characterized by a lot of rocks, and it provides alternative for those who don’t love the sand beaches at Radhanagar. Here swimmers are catered for; you can deep dive and even the regular swimming. The other spectacular thing about the elephant beach is the clear and transparent water that enable you to see the aquatic creatures very well.
4. Accommodations/ Hotels
As a visitor, you will not be traveling day and night. At one point in time, you will need to rest or eat. Near Andaman, there are the best hotels for accommodations for all people from any part of the world. They are well maintained with all the necessary needs be it food and other essential needs of the visitors. You will not miss your ordinary food because the workers are from all over the world.
5. Security.
No one would like to visit a place which will be a threat to his/her life. At Andaman Island is well protected by the Indian government. There is maximum surveillance of security all the time.
These Among other reasons are the best things that will make you visit Andaman island.